What is the difference between Menstrual Disc and Menstrual Cup?

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This is a question we always ask ourselves: Do I chose the menstrual disc or the menstrual cup?

We will give you some information to help you decide :) To start, the biggest difference between the period cup and the disc is the place where it stands to collect the period blood.

The standard menstrual cup fits on the middle of the vaginal canal. While the disc fits above the vaginal canal right below the cervix - this means that while using the period disc it makes your vaginal canal stay ‘free’, and this, my friends, changes everything 😉


Menstrual Cup vs Menstrual Disc

Besides that, the disc have higher capacity collecting up to 60ml of flow. You can use it up to 12 hours without taking the disc out.

Lumma Menstrual Disc comes with a string to help with the removal. Besides that, we are also the only company that have 3 different sizes to fit low, medium and high cervix.

And to make things much more comfortable during the use, the Lumma Disc does not need vacum to fit. And as the disc doesn’t stay in the middle of the vaginal canal, it brings up the best benefit that is the possibility of having sex with it 😍 mess free period sex 🎉

Hope we could help you with this informations about the difference between Menstrual Cup and Menstrual Disc. If you have any questions please get in touch.

- Lumma Cups Menstrual Disc

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Period Sex Made Possible with Lumma Menstrual Disc

Period Sex Made Possible with Lumma Menstrual Disc

Menstrual Disc Lumma FDA Certified

Yes, Lumma Cups Menstrual Disc is FDA Registered and ANVISA Certified

Period Sex Made Possible with Lumma Menstrual Disc

Period Sex Made Possible with Lumma Menstrual Disc


Veronica Eguia July 1 2020

I have been a Diva and Softcups user for years and I am excited to try my Lumma! I like discs but not all the waste or crinkly plastic. I live Put ACupInIt and if Kim likes Lumma, its worth a shot! ❤️❤️

Miranda April 15 2020

Being 33, I’ve noticed how painful my cramps have been using tampons and having a heavy flow during most of my period. A friend of mine mentioned that it would be better to make the switch. Doing some research, I found Lummacups. I’m a little nervous but very excited to finally switch and see the difference!

Mrs Miller March 24 2020

I have always had a very heavy flow. I have used menstrual discs before & loved them but, they don’t usually hold much. I am SUPER excited to get your disc, with a 60ml capacity!!! I can’t wait to try it!!!

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