Is Lumma Menstrual Disc for Me?

Is Lumma Menstrual Disc for Me?

That's a question we usually receive from many women over the fence about replacing the traditional tampons. Well, using a Menstrual Disc requires a short period of adaption.

This means that, maybe your first time with Lumma Unique won’t be SO perfect. And that’s completely normal. We are used to different methods and like every first time it’s ok to spend a period getting used to it. Every new method is something special that makes you connect with yourself and learn more about your body too.

The first cycle you will discover many things. The second cycle you will be more confident and will start finding your best way of dealing with it - like what is the best position for you to insert, how to make it fit easier on your cervix, and so on.

But on the third cycle, my loves, you will nail it for sure 😍😉 you will be the proper PHD of menstrual discs and will spread your experience with the world! YAY 🎉

So tell us, what stage are you with menstrual discs? Help others by sharing your experience with Lumma Menstrual Disc on the comments :)

- Lumma Cups Menstrual Disc

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Menstrual Disc Lumma FDA Certified

Yes, Lumma Cups Menstrual Disc is FDA Registered and ANVISA Certified

Lumma Cups Menstrual Disc - Your Close Friend No Matter What!

Lumma Cups Menstrual Disc - Your Close Friend No Matter What!


Hillary July 1 2020

Before Lumma, I used pads. Tampons never seemed to “fit” for me no matter how many times I tried. Like, I tried with periods after my kids were born and just felt doomed to pads. I wasnt sure how well a cup or disc would work for someone like me. Then I found lumma! Inserting was truly easy from the first time and the string makes for easy,less mess, removal! I wish I would have had this since I was a teenager- It is SO user friendly. Tucking it behind the public bone sounds weird and invasive but it’s quite natural and doable with insertion. The string takes the hard part out of discs so removal is a breeze. I want to just buy more to share with friends and support this awesome product!

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