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Period Sex Made Possible with Lumma Menstrual Disc

For all the sexual taboos that have been dismantled, period sex is still a big one. But whether you are just a beginner regarding period sex or not, the good news is that it does not have to be like the old days.  The new era of menstrual discs is making a big revolution on that matter.
With Lumma Menstrual Disc, period sex is 100% possible, and we want to encourage you all to do it because blood is a natural lube and the orgasms you will have are going to help with the pain that can be caused during the cycle. It’s a win/win.So do not hold back on your period (of course, only if you are in the mood for it) just because you do not want to make a bloody mess. Lumma Menstrual Disc Unique can help you to get started or improve the experience.Keep calm because the period disc does not bother the act at all, your partner will not even feel that the menstrual disc is there. This happens because menstrual discs fits above your vaginal canal – that means that the canal is free for penetration. So go, because this little disc my love, its only here to multiply love – especially on that days. ❤️
- Lumma Cups Menstrual Disc